Chris Kepner

I've been working in the publishing industry since 2008, both as a literary agent and more recently as a director of international rights. I have negotiated hundreds of book licenses all over the world, and I couldn't be more excited about establishing this agency. Discovering authors is my passion, and building a new list is an absolute thrill.

If you're an author seeking representation, please review my query guidelines.

I live with my amazing wife and two-year-old daughter in New Jersey, a half hour west of Manhattan. It’s really the sixth borough. I'm originally from the lovely Buffalo area and still visit family and friends there at least twice a year. I studied English and business at Notre Dame, and I never thought I’d find a profession that so perfectly utilizes these two disciplines. It's great when the ND football team wins, but I don't get too upset when they lose (it's only a game, people.) I've been in love with music and skiing for as long as I can remember, and I recently became enamored with treetop adventure courses and disc golf. The latter has everything great about regular golf without the huge expense, heavy bags, tee times, stuffy etiquette, dress codes, or crowds. By the way, if anyone knows where you can ride devil karts in the U.S., let me know! I did this once at Bromley Mountain in Vermont, but they've since shut it down for what I can only assume were insane liability considerations.

Our lives may seem/be meaningless when you take a broad space-time perspective, but this thing we've got, this world we all's pretty special. Let's cherish it, and one another, while we can.

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